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Estate Moves Across Vancouver Island

An estate move involves the transportation of valuable and unique items, and so it is crucial to hire reliable services for special care. An estate move can occur due to a number of reasons, including retirement, divorce or death. No matter the reason, the dispersal of your estate property is a complex process involving diverse geographic destinations. Stress no more, as we are here to handle all your packing and moving needs on Vancouver Island.


At Big S Moving, we offer packing and multiple family deliveries of heirlooms, auction deliveries, recycling and disposal service, including junk removal for estate moves. We have the expertise and experience with over 20 years of estate moving service so that you can rest assured that our experienced movers will transport your belongings safely.

Customized Packaging Services with a Storage Facility

We can fulfill all your requests, from custom packaging to the systematic delivery of valuable items, including family photographs, antiques, artwork, furniture, appliances, heirlooms and computer systems. We'll transport every item with utmost care. Our prices are competitive, and you can also ask us for a free estimate.


If need be we can offer a secure space to store your valuables in temperature controlled  storage facility . Contact us to learn more.

Moving Estates with Care

If you are looking for a professional company for your estate moves, we are here for you.

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