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Professional Piano and Antique Movers Serving Vancouver Island

The team at Big S Moving can help you with your piano and antique moves on Vancouver Island. We understand that antique items and musical instruments are precious possessions that require special care. They may be family heirlooms with which you may share an emotional connection. We have the experience and equipment to move valuable and heavy instruments like pianos safely. Call us today for a free estimate.

Safe and Easy Transportation

We have the know-how to keep your musical instruments and antiques protected from extreme weather, dirt, scratches and impacts. We follow a streamlined process to secure the movable parts of these precious items with straps and then wrap them with protective blankets and padding to prevent any kind of damage. They are then transported to the truck using heavy-duty dollies and hand trucks. And finally, your belongings are secured inside the truck for safe transportation.

Avoid Costly Repairs

If you are planning to move antique items yourself to avoid extra expenses, we suggest you call a professional. Any damage to costly and fragile items like a piano can call for costly repairs. By hiring professionals, you can avoid the potential damages to your items and yourself during the moving process and will be able to save on costly repairs. You can rely on Big S Moving to make your move safe and secure. Contact us for more information.

Protecting Your Valuables

We’ll follow every necessary measure to ensure that your musical instruments and antiques are delivered safely.

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